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How does Kör Whitening System work?

Updated: Jan 3

  • Unlike other whitening methods, with easy and periodic home maintenance, KoR Whitening is entirely permanent….even if you drink coffee, tea, or red wine!

  • KoR is the only whitening system in the world refrigerated constantly from the instant of manufacture until you use it, ensuring absolute freshness and effectiveness.

  • KoR Whitening is so effective that it is the only recognized system in the world to even whiten tetracycline-stained teeth, previously thought to be impossible.

  • During the KoR process, nearly all patients experience only low-to-typically-no tooth sensitivity. The KoR procedure is comfortable and 100% safe for your teeth and gums.

Dr. Terra is a Certified Cosmetic Dentist who performs Kor Whitening System to get you the Smile you have always dreamed about.

At Smile The Spa you will be at the Best Dentistry in California, in a spa-like environment.

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