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Using the latest in dental technology to deliver a SMILE that give you Confidence!

Did you know Smile The Spa is eco-friendly?

Yes, it’s true, we are an eco-friendly, mercury-free practice

All our procedures are mercury-free!

We often focus on our cutting edge Cosmetic Procedures so let’s also talk about the high-quality General Dentistry you can receive at Smile The Spa.

Our General Dental services include:​​

Digital x-rays

Periodontal Treatments (regular cleanings and laser gum treatment)

Restorations (Crowns, bridges, mercury-free fillings)


Oral cancer screenings

 Dental Implant Restoration

Dr. Terra is the best Cosmetic Dentist in Long Beach CA.

It means that your SMILE will be in the BEST hands.

SMILE, we'll do the rest

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